Regulatory Compliance Audits

There are many different areas of regulatory compliance.  License revocations, Medicare provider termination and administrative penalties are a few issues that agencis face.

It is critical in today’s competitive health care field for provider’s to protect their reputation and regulatory compliance history. Our firm provides aggressive defense options for all types of regulatory disputes as well as assistance with application and start up procedures. Our firm has a long history of providing assistance with defending government sanctions such as suspension, license revocation, vendor or payment hold or contract administration sanctions. Successful regulatory compliance defense begins with timely filing of appeals and proactive approaches. Contact our office for a consultation regarding how we can assist you in defending or protecting the reputation of your business.

In addition to litigation defense of regulatory actions, Brooks*Acevedo offers full pre-survey review services both onsite and offsite to assist agencies in preparation for regulatory and licensing surveys.   Services include administrative and clinical components of regulatory compliance.   

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