Fraud and abuse allegations are not simply when the FBI or OIG arrive demanding documentation or more.  Federal and state agencies utilize complex tools including advanced analysis of billing data to identify possible improper billing.  Agencies must maintain aggressive oversite of billing compliance to ensure that all details of billing requirements are followed.  Relying on positive regulatory surveys is often the first mistake of agencies since these only focus on licensing rules and conditions of participation. 

In addition to aggressively defending allegations of fraud and abuse at the State and Federal levels, our firm offers comprehensive services to assist providers in preventing fraud and abuse.  We regularly assist health care providers with conducting internal compliance and billing audits or investigations.  We have experience and streamlined approaches in working with providers in the establishment of comprehensive compliance programs design to prevent fraud and abuse.

A proactive defense against allegations of fraud and abuse starts with a strong internal billing compliance program focused on Medicare and Medicaid Program Integrity guidelines.  Our firm offers agressive defense against fraud and abuse as well as compliance services to ensure protection from allegations.